VantageOne Software has launched the second iteration of its flagship application, CitiSphere. CitiSphere is a municipal management tool designed by working with all city departments and users including – administrative personnel, inspectors, law clerks, city leaders and more. This secure, cloud-based product is flexible enough to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of municipalities of any population for whatever information they track.

Most municipal management software is one-size fits all and difficult to configure around a city’s specific processes, which can make using them slow and confusing. Unique profiles are created for each city using CitiSphere, allowing you to track what is important to your specific business needs, ensuring your information is easily accessible and clutter free.  If there are any changes that need to be made, our skilled developers have built a rapid deployment tool to make those changes live in a matter of hours, not days.

CitiSphere users can track permits & inspections, monitor code enforcement, note violations & complaints, schedule appointments, and run detailed property reports. By using a combination of these tools, city workers can seamlessly track the status of parcel information both in the office and onsite. If there is information to be tracked that is not already offered in CitiSphere, it can easily be added due to the configurable nature of the application.

Mobile Friendly Interface

Running a city is an important job and VantageOne has created a tool that allows it to be done effortlessly and efficiently. CitiSphere is the perfect upgrade from current bloated systems or even outdated pen and paper tracking.  Using CitiSphere, workflows are optimized to ensure previously lost revenue is now received.  And, CitiSphere costs up to 50% less than most other municipal software.

Let us show you how CitiSphere can impact your city’s operation efficiency and productivity by contacting us today for a demonstration.  Call us at (440) 354-1458 or at

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