Why CitiSphere?

One of the first software solutions that was specifically designed by all levels of city employees.

CitiSphere, a cloud-based municipal management system, is one of the first government software solutions that was created by collaborating with all levels of city employees, from clerks to inspectors to city officials.

Our solution integrates all departments, including building and housing, zoning, planning, engineering, legal and clerks. We realize that no two municipalities have the same processes, systems and specifications, so we created not only a software product but a proprietary tool that we can personalize to your city’s vision and goals.

CitiSphere Can Help You

  • Centralize all of your department data in one place
  • Access your data 24/7 in real time
  • Increase efficiencies and revenue of city departments
  • Enhance citizen engagement in your municipality

How CitiSphere Works

One of the first software solutions that was specifically designed by all levels of city employees.

Customizable Workflows

Receive detailed information right at your fingertips from automating tasks to streamlining processes. Fully customizable and scalable to work with your processes, systems and specifications.

Robust Scheduling Tool

Plan and manage commercial and residential inspections right from your calendar, allowing you to create, change and view any parcel, anytime. Results can be quickly accessed for critical information for any departments to review.

Powerful Reporting

Find the status of permits, licenses and inspections, customizing the perfect report for your management. Our software helps any department run more efficiently and plan more effectively.

Completely Modular

With a variety of affordable pricing options, we understand the importance of keeping your budgetary requirements top of mind. Our software has been designed to be modular and scalable for any size.

Data Migration

No matter what the format, we can take historical data, convert it, map it and import it into our software. Our streamlined migration process can take on any challenge.

Software Integration

Connect all your data, whether from the county or third-party vendors, providing you with updated property/parcel records in a centralized, single point of access.

“CitiSphere allows inspection results to be entered into tablets and emailed right from the field. There is very little time spent in the office. We were at six inspections per day and are now at 12-15 per day. We were consistently a year and a half behind on inspections. We are completely caught up!”

Kristal Grida, Assistant to the Mayor